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The publishing industry is in a state of change. It is now easier than ever before to self-publish a book. But publishing your book is just the start. No one is ever going to find and read your book unless you take steps to promote and market it. In the old days, publishers would market your book for you. Now it’s up to you!
One of the best ways to promote your ebook online is to create a website dedicated to your book where you can provide lots of background information to attract readers. If you don’t have a website, the chances of anyone finding your book on Google are remote which is not good news if you are trying to encourage more sales. A website dedicated to your books means that there is a much better chance of someone coming across you when they do a search for your name, book title or subject matter area.
For example, on your ebook website you can:

  • provide your visitors with sample chapters
  • present reviews of your ebook
  • give background information on characters
  • give background information on your inspiration for the book
  • give information about yourself
  • sell the book from your website using a simple ‘Buy Now’ PayPal button
  • write a blog about your life as a writer (a good way of regularly adding new content to your site)

The more content you can put on your site the better. Google favours content-rich websites. A content-rich website will attract more visitors from Google searches and more visitors will encourage more sales of your ebook. Google also favours sites that publish new content regularly because it suggests they’re up to date and useful. A blog is a good way of publishing new content regularly.
The price of an ebook website will depend on size of the site and what it does. Our normal price structure applies if you want a standard five or six page website which will give you the best chance of getting noticed on Google.
Special Offer
But if you are new to publishing and on a very low budget, we also offer very simple, three page ‘ebook’ sites – consisting of:

  • Home page: introduction to you and your ebook, photo of the cover, your contact details
  • Book page: synopsis of your book, reviews
  • Extract page: a sample from your book

You provide us with the text for three pages and book cover and we do the rest. It’s as simple as that. Prices start at £350 including hosting and support for one year. Renewal fees from year two onwards are £95 per year. Please contact us and ask for details of our Ebook Website Special Offer.

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